Merritt Reservoir, 2012.pdfAlaska, 2016

Alaska, Glacier Bay with the Hustvedts, 2011

Alaska, Glacier Bay, 2019

Alaska, Glacier Bay, by Sue Hughes
Alaska, Ketchikan to Juneau, 2020 by Dave Hustvedt
Alaska, The Beardslees in Glacier Bay, 2012
Apostle Islands, 2017
Barr Lake Birding May 2017
BC's Discovery Islands, Tidal Current Problems
Bighorn Lake, 2018
Chatfield Clean-up, 2016
Coastal Maine, 2014
Colorado River, Moab to the Confluence, 2017
Cumberland Island
Current River, Missouri, 2011
Door County Sea Kayak Symposium, 2015
Eleven Mile Reservoir, 2021
Eleven Mile Reservoir, 2022
Erie Canal, 2022
Everglades, 2017
Everglades, by Carole Kline
Flaming Gorge Reservoir, 2011
Full Moon Paddle, 2017
Granby, Shadow Mtn. and Grand Lake, 2022
Grand Lake, Shadow Mountain and Granby, 2017
Grand Teton National Park, 2010
Grand Teton National Park, 2015
Grand Teton National Park, 2020
Grand Teton National Park, 2021
Green River, 2010
Green River, 2011
Green River, 2016
Green River, 2018
Green River, 2019
Green River, 2021
Houston with HASK, 2019
Hudson Valley and the Connecticut Coast, 2019
Jackson Lake , 2012
Lagerman Reservoir, 2022
Lake Mead, 2014
Lewis and Shoshone, 2018
Memories of Paddling the Texas Coast

Merritt Reservoir, 2012
Missouri Breaks, 2008
Missouri Breaks, 2009
Missouri Breaks, 2014
MultiClub, 2009
MultiClub, 2016
MultiClub, 2018
MultiClub, 2019
Pathfinder and N. Platte River, 2022

Places to Paddle, 2023
Powell Camping, 2014
Powell Camping, 2015
Powell Camping, Dirty Devil to Bullfrog, 2016
Powell Camping, San Juan Arm of Lake Powell
Powell Camping, San Juan, Colorado and Escalante
Powell Camping, South of Bullfrog, 2018
Powell Houseboat VI, 2021
Powell Houseboat, 2009
Powell Houseboat, 2013
Powell Houseboat, 2016
Powell Houseboat, 2017
River Training, 2013
Salt Water Paddles
Seminoe Reservoir, 2021
Shoshone Lake, 2003
Shoshone Lake, 2013

​South Platte Evans to Kersey or Kuner, 2023
Sumner Lake, 2018
Things to do in Colorado, for HASK
Venice and Croatia, 2016
Webbers Return to Baja, 2016
Yellowstone Lake, 2009

Paddling Destinations 

Rocky Mountain Sea Kayak Club

Union Reservoir

Our Intrepid Instructors

Wooden Boats at Black Rocks

Catching the Big One​

Camping at Yellowstone