Rocky Mountain Sea Kayak Club

The purpose of the RMSCK Website is to be a resource of information about the RMSKC and sea kayaking in the Rocky Mountain region.  Please send suggestions for improvement to the Webmaster.

The RMSKC is an American Canoe Association Paddle America Club partner

Club contacts are on the Steering Committee page

Any sport carries with it risks, and it's for you to understand those risks and decide whether you are prepared to accept them before undertaking any activity.  Kayaking is no different; it can be dangerous if not undertaken in a safe manner and should never be done without training, experience, and the correct use of equipment.  The Rocky Mountain Sea Kayak Club cannot therefore accept responsibility for any injury or accident which may occur as a result of articles, advice or images published in its publications or on its website.

The Rocky Mountain Sea Kayak Club is a nonprofit organization created to promote an appreciation of the outdoors, good environmental stewardship and the sport of sea kayaking in a safe, friendly and respectful manner.  The RMSKC:

  • Enables people in the Rocky Mountain Region who are interested in sea kayaking to meet others

  • Organizes kayak trips in the area and beyond​

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