Trips and Day Paddles

RMSKC members kayak for a wide variety of reasons: to enjoy the out-of-doors and being on the water, camping places that can't be reached on foot and without carrying a heavy pack, watch birds and wildlife, get fun exercise, and enjoy the camaraderie of a group of friends.  It's true we don't live near the ocean, but we have a super time getting together to paddle our long boats all over the Front Range and farther away.  Sometimes we even fly places and rent kayaks!  

Trips that have already been scheduled are on the Calendar.  That page also has information on who can join a trip or day paddle and how to sign up.

It is important to evaluate your paddling skills to select a trip that would be a good fit for you.  The For Participants page has an overview of expectations for people paddling with our club.  Please review the Safety and Instruction pages.

If you don't see your dream trip, check the Paddling Locations page for lists of possibilities, in Colorado and near-by states, of places we have been in the last handful of years, and places we have talked about going.  If you would be willing to organize a trip we haven't scheduled, read the paragraph below about proposing a trip.

How to Propose a Trip

The RMSKC encourages all its members to propose trips.  If there is a trip or outing you have always wanted to do but which is not on the Calendar, please consider organizing.  Review the Trip Organizer Guidelines  for information on how to propose and organize a trip.  The Paddling Locations page provides information on various paddling sites and includes past trip organizers you can contact to draw upon their experience in planning your trip.  Also, feel free to contact the Paddling Coordinator to help with any questions you have.  

Waste Disposal

A question that always arises in planning a multi-day trip is how to handle human waste where you are required to pack it out.

Hopefully our two articles on Human Waste Disposal will answer all your questions

Human Waste Disposal: Containers and Procedures

Human Waste Disposal: Containers Part II

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