Rocky Mountain Sea Kayak Club

Navigation Tools are Essential

Route Planning is Critical

Dress for the Water, Not the Weather

Your Skills Must Match the Water Conditions


While the RMSKC is certainly about having fun on our kayaking adventures, SAFETY is always first and foremost on our minds on all activities - both on and off the water - as stressed in the Club's purpose statement.  

The purpose of the RMSKC is to promote an

appreciation of the outdoors, good environmental stewardship and the sport of sea kayaking in a SAFE (emphasis added), friendly and respectful manner.

Safety on the water begins with having good kayaking Skills and basic Knowledge and consistently using them both.   

‚ÄčOur Trip Organizer Guidelines  and the Participant Guidelines were developed to provide members with information that is helpful in preparing for and going on safe trips.  These documents incorporate the requirements included in the ACA's Risk Management Requirements for Paddle America Clubs.  Members should take the time to become familiar with these before a trip.