Rocky Mountain Sea Kayak Club


The meeting was called to order.  All members were present: President Clark Strickland; Paddling Coordinator Jud Hurd, Membership Coordinator Marlene Pakish, Publications Editor Sue Hughes, Instruction and Safety Coordinator Brian Hunter, Webmaster Bernie Dahlen, Treasurer Dave Hustvedt, Onshore Coordinator Tim Fletcher, and Secretary George Ottenhoff.

Minutes:  The minutes of the annual meeting/winter potluck on January 31, 2016 were approved as revised, and will be posted on the Club website.

Financial report:  Treasurer Dave Hustvedt reported that the current checking account balance is $4,362.92.  Sue said that she has financial information that she received from Harold Sturgis, the previous treasurer, and will send that information to Dave.  Dave is now an authorized signer on the checking account, and has changed the address on the account to have bank statements sent to him.

Instruction and Safety:  Brian said that he will be investigating having instructor recertification made available in our area.

Brian also expressed a concern that any insurance claims that we might submit on our ACA insurance will be denied if we have not followed the ACA prescribed procedure exactly.  Therefore he proposed that all trip leaders be provided and carry an ACA Incident Report Form on all trips, and that they be reminded that they are to immediately complete the form in the event of any injury or incident on a trip.  Brian also noted that trip leaders need to have a current Membership Roster to know whether any trip participants need to sign an ACA waiver and pay the $5 fee.  The SC approved the procedure of providing all trip leaders with Incident Report Forms, Waiver forms and Membership Rosters prior to trips.

Brian raised a question about trip leaders setting  requirements regarding equipment and clothing for trips, e.g., dry suits vs. wet suits.  The consensus was that the requirement should be reasonable relative to the expected conditions, based on generally accepted research and standards, and should be applied consistently within the Club.  The SC reaffirmed the right and duty of trip leaders to set and enforce reasonable and appropriate requirements.

Brian mentioned the state law requiring that boat owner’s names and addresses be displayed in their boats, and noted that the stickers provided by ACA and the Coast Guard do not provide the required information.  Dave will investigate the cost of having stickers made that have the Club logo and space for a name, address and other contact information.  It was noted that trip leaders need to remind trip participants of this requirement.

Paddle Coordinator:  Jud reported that the ACA Trip Report Form has been simplified, and has been sent to trip leaders along with current Membership Rosters.  Trip leaders will also be provided with ACA Waiver Forms for guests or other non-members who might show up for trips.

Jud distributed a list of scheduled trips, and noted that we need some local trips during July and August when long distance trips are going on.

Clark mentioned that he had met with the president of the Rocky Mountain Canoe Club about coordinating and publicizing trips between the clubs.

Onshore Coordinator:  Tim mentioned Paddle Fest on June 25, and said that we will have grills available to cook food that people will bring.  He asked what kinds of activities people would enjoy.  Some off the suggestions were:  demonstrations and participation in exits and rescues,  and paddling each other’s boats. Tim will meet with Clark and Brian to discuss activities. 

Membership:  Marlene reported that 49 people have renewed their memberships, but that a number of former members have not renewed.  She will send out another reminder.  

A motion was made, seconded and approved to make Matt Lutkus and Ted Wang honorary emeritus members in recognition of their past service to the Club and their assistance in organizing kayak trips to Maine and the San Juan Islands respectively.

Web site:  Bernie said that he is still learning about the web site, and what the Webmaster position will involve.  Jud and Bernie will communicate about what needs to be done.  Sue will provide Bernie with an updated SC member list.

Sue encouraged SC members to look at and use the RMSKC Facebook page, and to urge other Club members, especially those who are frequent users of social media, to make use of it.

Publications:  Sue will have a newsletter out soon.  She again requested pictures and stories about trips — long and short, near and far.

Sue will get price quotations for having new Club banners made, and will also get prices for magnetic car signs for the Club.

New Business:  Clark reported on a bill in the Colorado legislature this session that would permit sea planes to land on the waters of any state park where motorized boats are permitted.  There was some discussion, but no action was taken.

The meeting adjourned.