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Individual membershipin the RMSKC is open to all persons age 18 and above.  A family membership consists of all adults and children under the age of 18 residing in a household regardless of relationship.  In addition, all members of a household do not have to reside at the same address as in the case of children at college or a child who lives with another parent.  ACA membership is a requirement for membership in the RMSKC.  The procedures outlined below are designed to ensure RMSKC's compliance with the ACA Paddle America Club requirements.  

Benefits of Joining the RMSKC

The benefits of joining the Rocky Mountain Sea Kayak Club are many and varied:

  • Meeting fellow sea kayakers,
  • Going on Club-sponsored day, weekend, and week-long trips,
  • Paddling on private trips with fellow members,
  • Learning new skills and safety practices,
  • Meeting people with interests other than kayaking,
  • Establishing long-term friendships
  • Enjoying days of wonderful, safe fun on the water in a sea kayak with paddling buddies.

Membership Procedures

Membership in the RMSKC requires the following:

  • Complete the RMSKC Membership Application form.
  • ACA membership - If you are not an ACA member, go to the ACA website at and choose the “Join The ACA” tab.  Choose “Join ACA” and then select “PAC Individuals and Families.” Follow the instructions to create a username and enter first and last name and then select “Rocky Mountain Sea Kayak Club.”  After you have joined ACA, return to the ACA home page and choose “Paddling Clubs,” then choose “Paddle America Clubs” and select “Online Waivers.”  Complete and sign the PAC Annual Waiver for each adult and minor child member. In the “Additional Information” section, choose “Rocky Mountain Sea Kayak Club” from the dropdown menu.   Save and print a copy of each waiver.
  • If you are already an ACA member, make a copy of your current ACA Membership Card.  The membership card can be obtained by logging in as an ACA member to  Update your PAC Annual Waiver  for each adult and minor member by going to “Paddling Clubs,” then choose “Paddle America Clubs” and select “Online Waivers.”  Complete andsign the PAC Annual Waiver for each adult and minor child member. In the “Additional Information” section, choose “Rocky Mountain SeaKayak Club” from the dropdown menu.  Save and print a copy of each waiver. 
  • Include a check payable to the RMSKC for $10.
  • Submit all forms and the check to the RMSKC Membership Coordinator indicated on the RMSKC Membership Application  form.
  • Your RMSKC membership will expire on March 31 of each year.  Your ACA membership will expire one year from the date that you joined ACA.  
  • Contact the Membership Coordinator with any questions.

Annual Membership Renewal​

All RMSKC memberships expire on March 31 regardless of when you first joined the RMSKC.  Your ACA membership expires based upon when you joined the ACA, which may be different than March 31.

The Membership Coordinator will email all members in February reminding them when it is time to renew their RMSKC membership.  Attached to that email will be the RMSKC Membership Renewal Form.

Follow the directions in the email and on the RMSKC Membership Renewal Form to complete your RMSKC renewal.