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The RMSKC is a vibrant organization which provides opportunities for members to learn paddling skills and safety requirements, and to practice with other paddlers near home and farther away.  The Club's vitality is due, in a very large part, to our ACA Certified Instructors who offer a variety of instructional classed based upon the ACA Kayaking Courses criteria.  Check the Calendar for current course offerings.  Contact the Instruction & Safety Coordinator with any questions you have.

ACA Coastal Kayaking Skills Assessment

ACA assessment courses have been developed as a tool to allow paddlers a clear progression of skill development. Upon successful completion of each Skills Assessment checklist, your Instructor will submit the paperwork and you will receive official documentation of your level of skill from the ACA National Office.  The RMSKC instructors currently offer 2 levels of assessment.  Check out the ACA Coastal Kayaking Skills Assessment page for more information. 

Other Club Instruction

Members also provide instruction to each other during trips and while just visiting.  We are always sharing techniques, ideas and experiences with our friends.  This even includes a formal kayak camping course.  Check out the Calendar to see if one has been scheduled.  

Commercial Instruction

​Members can also consider instruction offered by a number of organizations around the country.  Here are some our members recommend.

Columbia River Kayaking - Sea Kayak instruction and coaching in Washington and Oregon.  At Columbia River Kayaking, you will find a contagious passion for learning and having fun! For us, kayaking is a way of life which share because we love to. Let us help you reach your goals!

Body Boat Blade International - Body Boat Blade International is owned and operated by two of the most qualified, dedicated, and passionate instructors in the Pacific Northwest. We specialize in high quality instruction for paddlers at any skill level. Our certified instructors are committed to upholding the highest standards of coaching, leadership, and judgment in every program that we offer.To round out your learning experience, we offer year-round courses taught by world-renowned guest coaches.

ACA Educational Resources - The ACA National Paddlesports Instruction Program has been acknowledged as the "Gold Standard" of paddlesports education throughout the United States and several foreign countries.  Through the efforts of the ACA National Office and the Safety Education & Instruction Council (SEIC), course curricula and educational resources are developed and made available to the general public, instructors, partners and the outdoor industry.

First Aid - CPR

Anytime you are on the water the potential for an accident or injury exists, which usually occurs when quick access to help is not readily available.  We encourage members to take a First Aid/CPR course so you are better prepared to deal with these situations.  The Importance of First Aid Training by Larry Kline is a good article on why people need this training and where to get it.  Brian Hunter's article Seriously Sick?  Just Driving Home from a Trip? is a real life example of using first aid training to deal with his deep vein thrombosis.