Rocky Mountain Sea Kayak Club

Lake Powell

RMSKC Google Group

Our members range from Fort Collins to Kersey to Colorado Springs to Buena Vista to Silverthorne, and all over the Denver/Metro area.  One of our biggest challenges is having an easy-to-use communication system to get in touch with other members for an afternoon on a local lake or to suggest a major outing to see who might be interested in participating. 

The RMSKC has set up the Rocky Mountain Sea Kayak Club Membership Google Group for just that purpose.     We hope that this facilitates communications among our members and makes it easier for us all to get together for an outing.  Comments and suggestions are welcome. 

Here are some answers about our Google Group:  

Who can use the Group?  Only RMSKC members can post to the Group.  Every RMSKC member can and hopefully will use the Group. 

 How do I sign up for the Group?  The Membership Coordinator enrolls all RMSKC members as they are added to our club roster. 

How do I use initiate messages?  Simply send an email  

How do I respond to messages?   If someone sends an announcement, you can respond directly to the sender if you wish to do so.     

Who maintains the Group?  The Membership Coordinator is the owner of the Group.

What types of topics should be posted to the Group?  We want the use the Group only for kayaking related subjects, such as:

  • Announcements of a Club Paddle or other club activity, such as the Winter Pary.
  • Invitations to an impromptu paddle tht is not an official RMSKC paddle.
  • Announcements of interest about an RMSKC member such as a new child or grandchild,  change of address, illness, etc.  
  • Links to interesting or helpful online articles about kayaking, camping, gear, tripping, safety, symposiums, etc.   
  • Notices of kayak or camping gear for sale.  
  • Postings of kayak-related requests or lists of gear you want to buy.

What types of topics should be NOT posted to the Group?  

  • Cars for sale  
  • Non-kayak gear for sale such as skis, bicycles, etc.  
  • Kayak trip group communications; once a trip leader has a group identified for a trip he or she should communicate trip particulars directly with the participants and not through the Group.