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Print the following forms and take them with you to the put-in:

  1. RMSKC Membership Roster, which you will receive from the Paddling Coordinator prior to the trip.

  2. The RMSKC Activity/Event Final Report completed with those who have RSVP'd for the trip.  You may have some members who show up unannounced at the prescribed meeting place - add their names to the RMSKC Activity/Event Final Report.  Refer to the How to Do a Speedy Trip Report for tips on completing the roster.

  3. RMSKC Membership Application form

  4. ACA  Adult Membership Form/Waiver & Release of Liability 

  5. ACA Minor Membership Form/Waiver & Release of Liability

  6. ACA Incident/Accident Report Form

As a reminder:

  • Any non-ACA member who attends must complete the ACA Membership Form/Waiver & Release of Liability (adult or minor) and submit the $5 ACA fee.

  • Any person who has a current ACA membership does not need to pay the $5.  However, they must still complete the ACA Membership Form/Waiver & Release of Liability  (adult or minor).  The RMSKC Activity/Event Final Report must be noted with their ACA number and the club to which they belong.

  • ​There is no charge for land-only guests but they must still complete the ACA Membership Form/Waiver & Release of Liability (adult or minor).  

Post Trip Reporting

To meet ACA insurance requirments, within five days of completing your trip we have to report  who participated on each trip, so please email the completed RMSKC Activity/Event Final Report to the Paddling Coordinator.  In addition, mail any RMSKC Annual Membership ApplicationACA Membership Form/Waiver & Release of Liability  (adult or minor), and money.  

Injury/Accident Reporting

If a serious injury occurs, call the ACA insurance company hotline at 1-800-566-7491 (open 24 hours a day) as quickly as possible to report the incident.  Also call and inform Paddling Coordinator. After the trip, complete an ACA Incident/Accident Report Form and send it to the Paddling Coordinator immediately as the Paddling Coordinator must forward it to the ACA within 24 hours of receipt.

For Trip Leaders

Thank you for coordinating a Rocky Mountain Sea Kayak Club trip.  Please review the Trip Leader Checklist about planning and executing an RMSKC trip.  Contact the Paddling Coordinator if you have any questions or concerns.

Please recall that our Club and ACA policy is that only paid RMSKC members, current ACA members (check the expiration date on their ACA card) or paid guests (one time only) are allowed on Club day paddles, and only RMSKC members are allowed on multi-day paddles.  You should be prepared, if necessary, to refuse participation in an on-water event for insurance and safety compliance.  Refusing participation is always unpleasant, but you will have the Steering Committee's full support if necessary.

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