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For Participants

When you kayak with the Rocky Mountain Sea Kayak Club you are joining a trip or day paddle planned by a Trip Leader which provides an opportunity to paddle with congenial people and enjoy safety in numbers.  Please remember, however, that our Trip Leaders are volunteers and aren't specifically trained, certified, or pre-qualified by the RMSKC with regard to their abilities as either kayakers or leaders.  Therefore, trip members must self-evaluate their abilities and readiness for any trip. This is vital because having people on a trip who are not prepared, skill-wise or equipment-wise, or who are not willing to paddle as a member of the group, puts all the participants at risk.  For more general thoughts on paddling in a group and specifics for safe paddling, read the RMSKC's Participant Guidelines.  Additional safety topics can be found on the Helpful Links page.

When thinking about joining a trip or day paddle, contact the Trip Leader to ask about the trip requirements.  If the trip  is a good fit for your abilities and equipment, RSVP to the Trip Leader so you can be kept aware of any changes due to weather or any other reason.  

Remember to bring your ACA membership card to the put-in to prove that you are a current member of the ACA.  Without that proof, the Club's liability insurance won't be in effect and you won't be allowed to launch.

As always, Starting Time means "in the water and ready to go". We aren't as good about this as we would like to be, but please do plan to get to the launch site in time to visit, unload your boat, move your car, pack your kayak, and get geared up. Waiting for stragglers isn't fun for anyone.

For Non-Members:  If you are not a member of the RMSKC but you are interested in paddling with the Club on a day trip we welcome you.  It's a good way to get a taste of what our outings are like.  Check the Calendar page for requirements for non-members on a day paddle.  If you are interested in an RMSKC multi-day trip, you will need to join the Club and the ACA. Remember to always verify that the trip is a good fit for you by talking to the Trip Leader.  Check the Membership page for how to join.