Rocky Mountain Sea Kayak Club

Lone Tree Bushwhacking

Glassy Hunter's Cove, Glacier Bay Alaska

Who Can Go on an RMSKC Trip?

RMSKC members may attend all events and trips (subject to the Trip Leader's approval) and they must present their current ACA membership card at the launch.  Club membership is required for participation on multi-day trips; people who are not RMSKC members may paddle only on day trips.  A person who is not an ACA member will be required to purchase an ACA event membership for $10.00 and to complete an ACA Waiver & Release of Liability form (adult or minor).  All trip participants are expected to abide by the RMSKC Participant Guidelines.   

Important Times

  • Meeting Time:  Approximate time the leader will be arriving in the parking/launch area.


  • Starting Time:  The time the group will be in the water starting to paddle.  Please arrive early enough to have your boat off the car, loaded and ready to go by that time.​​



The Club Calendar provides dates for all RMSKC trips and events currently scheduled, basic details about them that participants will need to know, and the Trip Leader contact information for each trip.  Review the calendar below, select the trip in which you want to participate and RSVP to the Trip Leader to let him or her know you want to join that trip. Please remember that details in the Club Calendar are tentative as the Trip Leader may change the location and date due to unpredictable weather or adverse paddling conditions.  Signing up with the Trip Leader is important so you can be kept informed of any last minute changes.