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About Us

Simple Beginnings to a Community

The Rocky Mountain Sea Kayak Club began as a few friends getting together to go kayaking.  This eventually evolved into the creation of the RMSKC in 1989 which then led to its becoming an ACA Paddle America Club in 2003.  Finally, the RMSKC was incorporated as a Colorado nonprofit organization in February 2004.  The Club has grown into a sea kayaking community with an average membership of 50 men, women and children.  Our community ranges from Colorado Springs, to Grand Junction to Fort Collins, but the majority of our members live in the Denver/Boulder metropolitan area.  Please refer to our Membership page for more on the benefits of joining the RMSKC and complete information  on how to join the RMSKC.   But our Club isn't just about us enjoying ourselves on paddling trips.  We also support the paddling/water community and the environment through a number of activities:

  • Provide kayak skills and safety classes​​
  • Offer paddle support for swimming competitions
  • ​Follow Leave No Trace camping guidelines, we are a Green Club
  • Lake Clean-ups

Club Meetings

The RMSKC does not hold regular Club meetings as we would rather meet on the water and paddle together.  There are two scheduled

get-togethers that even our non-paddling friends and spouses enjoy. The first is the Paddlefest, held in June or July at Chatfield Reservoir. This is a day under the trees where members can enjoy a casual paddle, catch up with each other's news, talk about kayaks and related gear, try out other member's boats and share a delicious pot-luck lunch.  Our second annual event is a Winter Party usually held in late January.  This is a pot-luck where members reminisce about the season just completed, enjoy good fellowship and tasty cooking, and talk about paddling plans for the summer ahead.  Search the Index, RMSKC Publications for pictures and articles we have published about these fun events in the past.   


The Steering Committee takes care of the business end of the RMSKC as authorized in the ​Bylaws and described in Roles & ​Responsibilities.  It meets three times a year to address a variety of Club issues.  Members should contact the President with issues they would like the Steering Committee to address or if they would like to attend a meeting.   The Steering Committee maintains minutes of its meetings which are available to members upon request. 

ACA Affiliation

Founded in 1880, The American Canoe Association (ACA) is a national nonprofit organization serving the broader paddling public by providing education related to all aspects of paddling; stewardship support to help protect paddling environments; and sanctioning of programs and events to promote paddlesport competition and recreation.  The RMSKC is affiliated with the ACA through its Paddle America Club (PAC) program.  Among the many benefits this affiliation provides to our members is liability insurance for the RMSKC Steering Committee and its members.  One requirement of the PAC program is that all RMSKC members must also hold an ACA membership.  Please go to our Membership page for complete information on joining the RMSKC and the ACA.